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Urban Eden Farm is in the city of Spokane, in the Vinegar Flats neighborhood, a mere 5 minutes from the Davenport Hotel. We Are Seriously LOCAL. The farm is owned by Jim Schrock, who also owns Earthworks Recycling. Jim grew up on a grain, hay, and livestock farm, south of Grand Coulee Dam in Central Washington. His family has been farming in Washington State since 1883.
The Farm is run by Patrick Mannard. Patrick has worked on successful organic farms in Boulder Colorado and is using that experience to restore Urban Eden Farm. We are not organically certified as of now, but we don't use chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides on our farm. It is our practice to use organic methods only. 2013 was our first growing year. We sold our produce at local farmer's markets, to restaurants and we had a successful C.S.A. We are now preparing for another successful year!

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